Best Auto Insurers In Colorado

Finding the best auto insurers in Colorado makes it easier for you to purchase the most affordable policy, and also helps you compare the most competitive rates. It’s important that the price you pay is budget-friendly, but equally important that it doesn’t climb the cost ladder every renewal. When that happens, you have to go shopping¬† every other year for a new company and that’s not what you want.

So what’s the difference between a “good” company and a “bad” company? Is it the rate that you are charged? How about the service you get either during the work day, or after hours when you need help with an accident? Or is it the type of coverage you get on your policy along with extra perks no other carrier has?

Actually, it’s all of these. And while there are very few “bad” carriers, there are plenty of good ones and we will show you the best options for the cars and drivers in your household. It’s not just paying less that’s important, It’s the other things as well. Here are five of the top auto insurance companies in Colorado:

Auto Owners – They’re in most Midwestern states and have actually been offering policies since 1916. Yes, most people don’t realize how long they have been around. They also insure motor homes, mopeds, and all-terrain vehicles. And they are one of the few carriers that offer a “green” discount if you agree to have most paperwork emailed to you instead of sent via mail.

Geico- Of course, they seem to be on every state’s list. And why not? They’re big, reputable and usually have very competitive prices. They have a strong online presence and are recognized throughout the industry as being one of the fairest companies when settling a claim. And their rates aren’t bad either!

State Farm- “Like a good neighbor,” and I’m sure you know the rest. Actually, they are the largest writer of policies in the state. Although they have a presence on the internet, unlike Geico or Esurance, they conduct most of their business face-to-face or by more traditional methods such as fax or mail. Their prices are very good in many areas and if you have a boat, trailer, rental home or other items to insure, you won’t have to leave State Farm.

Liberty Mutual- They’re not a household name, but most independent brokers know who they are and likely sell the policy. They have a solid “complaint ratio,” which is a metric that rates how many claims a company has along with how well they are handled. It’s fairly similar to a Better Business Bureau rating.¬† Combining your auto and home is always a good idea with Liberty Mutual because of the large discount they provide.

Ameriprise- Although Ameriprise is not in every state, their rates in Colorado are very attractive, and sometimes the lowest in specific areas. Not only are they growing very fast,¬† but they also have an “A” rating from A.M. Best Company, which is always very comforting if you are a policyholder. They’re a bit like Erie ( a reputable carrier) because they don’t advertise much. But that just saves them…and ultimately the customer money.

Of course there are many other very reputable and responsible companies that perhaps we will highlight in future articles. We know that the five carriers that were highlighted provide excellent service and are among the best auto insurance companies in Colorado. When you view quotes through this website, you’ll be able to compare attractive offers from most of the top companies.