Find Cheap Car Insurance In Texas

You can find cheap car insurance in Texas. We’ll help you compare the companies that have the lowest rates, so you can save money. Whether you live in Dallas, San Antonio, Laredo or any other part of the state, we are committed to taking the time to research and show you which carriers offer the most affordable options. You don’t need to have a perfect driving record to pay less for your policy and you’re just a simple click away from finding cheap premiums and a low down payment.

Texas is a big state and premiums are very different, depending on where you live. There are other variables such as the type of coverage you have, how many tickets or accidents are on your record, and how long you have been licensed. We take all of these factors into consideration so you can easily view the best options. You can depend on us to find the best company for your situation and keep you updated and educated on any changes that would affect you.

How You Can Compare

You’re only asked to provide some simple information and then you’ll be able to quickly compare the cheapest policies. But sometimes, the results may change. For example, if you live just outside of Houston and are married with a few teenage drivers, perhaps Esurance or Progressive might lower your rates the most. If you just got your license, 20th Century might be the best solution. And if you just retired, perhaps Liberty Mutual is the top choice.

But if you moved to Arlington, with only your wife asĀ  an additional driver, perhaps Geico or Travelers might now offer the most savings. That’s why there really isn’t a single company that can offer the cheapest auto insurance in Texas, and why our research will help you. Each area of the state underwrites differently, depending on many factors including credit, experience and sometimes even the type of work you do.

No matter which company or policy you select, you will have to meet the Texas minimum required liability limits which are currently $30,000 per person, $60,000 per occurrence and an additional $25,000 of property damage. These amounts were increased in 2011. Although you can purchase a policy with higher coverage, you can not go any lower. But if you only want the least amount of benefits, you can request it (check the quote box at the top of the page).

Approximately one out of every five drivers in the state of TX do not have coverage but this number is reducing. If caught without car insurance, your license will be suspended. If this happens twice, you could actually lose your vehicle for up to six months. You don’t want that to happen and we’ll assist you by making it easy to buy a policy online from our website.

Need An SR-22?

You also may be required to buy an SR-22 or SR-22A bond if you are convicted of a drug offense, a DUI or driving with an expired license. This bond will help you get your license back so you can get on the road again. We can assist you with the purchase process and the filing with the BMV. Once you have a clean record again, you’ll see a substantial reduction in the price you pay and lower down payments.

Once you are covered, “TexasSure” can provide proof that you have purchased a policy. This program works with the Department Of Motor Vehicles to track and verify your coverage and ensure the proper limits are being met. You won’t notice or receive any contact from them unless your policy lapses or you are not carrying the right coverages. Then they will alert you and provide the information you need to become compliant. And by staying within the law, you’ll become a better candidate for better prices.

Minimum Required Liability Limits

In the future, it is likely these required limits will be raised, although it will probably not occur in the next 5-10 years. Since the law requires you to be “financially responsible,” if you have sufficient funds (or a bond), you could conceivably avoid providing liability coverage on your vehicle. But this option is only feasible for a very small portion of the population. Also, it involves a lot of paperwork since you either must include two separate persons who own property in the state or make a certified deposit of $55,000.

An easy way to cut your costs is to study and research the vehicle you are going to buy. By knowing how your vehicle is going to be rated, you can effectively choose the option that is the least expensive. This is especially helpful if you have youthful or high-risk drivers in the household that are already impacting (in a negative way) what you pay. We can help you find the car or truck that fits within your budget.

The quality of the carrier is extremely important and we take that very seriously. For example, if a specific company is notorious for quoting you a low premium online, and then proceeds to increase your rate 30% every year, we don’t think that’s the type of auto company you want. How stable their premiums have been over the last 5-10 years should always be taken into consideration and that’s just one of the many things we do for you to reduce your TX rates.